Please read.. and reblog. For all the children who are/feel excluded. For all the children who have no friend. Because it is important. Because we ALL are important !

This is exactly why Kyle and I are having a Beauty and the Beast wedding. Because we have both felt rejected by society, and we have found solace in each other. 

It is through each other that we found and learned to love ourselves. 

If you ever wonder why I like the gaston character as my favorite villain this is why. He portrays something that I have pretty much noticed all my life.
I was bullied quite a bit when I was growing up, especially in my awkward middle School years. Society found nothing wrong with it , even going as far as to say it was normal for a child to go through what I was going through.
It’s sad but I made it through that.
When I look at gaston I see something I overcame as a child and it gives me a lot of strength now to know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that it’s the personality that truly makes someone beautiful.
That’s why I never judge anyone by their appearances but I actually get to know them.

This is why I love Beauty and the Beast so much. Its got a HELL of a lot of depth to it. For me it goes WAY beyond most other princess movies. And what it has to say is amazing.

Theres also this sort of parallel between Gaston and Beast where, in the beginning, beast wanted to own belle, just as gaston did. Belle only started to fall for the beast after he let her go. He let her go twice during the movie, the second time is when she finally returns to him and tells him that she loves him. She loves him because he does not seek to own her, and because he puts her feelings and emotions before his.

I just really love their relationship and I love this movie. More like Beauty and the Beast please.

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